Framing + Pricing

Printed on Strathmore 9x12 400 (Best) series Oil Painting paper. This high quality paper is robust and has texture reminiscent of canvas, accentuating the hand brushed quality of each print.


9x12 Print in sleeve // $70 including shipping

Ordering print in sleeve is a budget-friendly option for those who have a pre-existing frame. Contact me directly for exact measurements of the image itself for properly cut mattes.


11x14 Frame // $150 including shipping

This frame displays the print in an ergonomic size and allows for straight-forward package to wall installation. The rich texture of the birch creates a unique aesthetic relationship with each print. Made with 2mm plexiglass, distressed and stained 3-ply Birch and stainless steel screws.


14x18 floating print // $250 including shipping

The floating print frame conveys the full character of each final print by emphasizing the physical object. Made with custom-cut 5mm plexiglass, brass grommets and hand-stained 3-ply Birch.